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Our Process

A fully enclosed marquee is used for containment and quality control. This method has been tried and is proven to work well. As our coating systems are UV sensitive, an enclosed marquee allows us to control heat, sunlight, degradation (eg, sand, water and dust) and moisture between coats. The marquee also helps to protect your precious gardens during the resurfacing process.

Our process for fibreglass and concrete surface coatings comprises:

AquaGuard gelcoat resurfacing system

  • Brace and secure substrate (fibreglass pools)
  • Marquee over pool area
  • Prepare surface for appropriate coating
  • Wash surface using acid and power washer
  • Degrease/rinse pool
  • Apply repair compounds to areas needed
  • Apply AquaGuard system to fibreglass or concrete surface
  • Apply graphics, etc, and lane markings/depth markings if required
  • Post cure surface
  • Fill pool.

Note:Fibre-Fix can supply start up kits and supply starting chemicals if requested, at wholesale prices.

Please click here to view process & colour charts from FGI Brochure

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